5:30pm, Monday 28 Oct

Smith’s Alternative, Canberra City


Hosted by Steph Lum – Co-chair IHRA

Welcome to the launch of YOUth&I – an exciting Canberra-based publication sharing the voices and creativity of intersex young people!

Intersex people, people born with variations in sex characteristics, are so rarely heard – content that’s out there about intersex is often highly medicalised or focused on the need for advocacy or support (so necessary and important) but intersex people are also fun, creative and bold!

Find out more about YOUth&I and listen to some local intersex poets. Books will be available in print for a small fee and available for free download online after this date.

This publication is the first of its kind in Australia and supported by the ACT Capital of Equality grants program.

Join us at Smith’s Alternative, 5:30-6:30pm.

More information is available at Darlington Statement – Youth&I