3:00pm, Saturday 16 Nov

Lonsdale Street, Braddon


Hosted by YES! Fest

Yes!Fest will return to Lonsdale Street on Saturday 16 November from 3pm. The day stage will kick off at the Rainbow Roundabout with a brand-new competition, Rainbow Runway, hosted by Felicia Foxx and with judges Electric Fields.

There will be two night stages with performers including The Huxleys, Ellen Reed, House of Luna, Sheba Williams, Sarah Moany, Etcetera Etcetera and the Homecoming Queens, Zapp Backagain, Guy Alias, Queen B, Rih Anna, Ty Zahn, Faux Nee Phish, Toni Kola, Jye Gray, Charlie Chapstick, DJs Raydar, Brodie Grealish, Tuxido Masc and Brittany De Marco, and more TBA!